A Tale of Two Colleges

An important and fascinating piece of Annapolis tradition is evident in a ride across the College Creek bridge, where the venerable St. John's College, founded as King William's School in 1696 as Maryland's Free School, is  on one shoreline.  The idea of a free school was to promote free discourse and intellectual examination. In more modern times the school became the centerpiece institution in the nation for the studies of the seven liberal arts and one hundred of the Great Books that laid the foundation for the development of Western civilization. A St. John's education is a gift for life, and a passbook to graduate work in almost any field.

St. John's College Alumni    

Across the Creek, on the other shore, is the prestigious US Naval Academy, dedicated to the preparation and training of the finest military minds and leaders in the world. In addition to military studies, the Academy offers a strong core program of  humanities and science as well as plenty of physical rigor and an outstanding sports and sailing program. Each of these schools has a respected place in town life. They come together at least once a year in the Spring on the St. John's lawn on College Avenue for a spirited croquet tournament and town picnic. The differences in approach make for plenty of fun as the teams try to out-do each other, cheered on by townies and alumni of both schools.

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