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Find Your Home with Us

Find Your Home with Us

Buying a house is a significant undertaking that requires a great deal of thought and decision-making. Often, buying a new home is an emotional and can sometimes be a stressful experience, which is why it is recommended you work alongside an experienced buyer’s agent to ensure you are getting the best deal on the market and home for you. 


The Tower Team is a trustworthy team that works in the buyer’s best interests every step of the way. We will help you understand and “translate” property inspection issues, costs, and potential obstacles. We stay focused through the very end with exceptional follow-through and communication skills until we secure your dream home for you. 


Our team comprises multiple experienced, tenacious, expert negotiators who value superior customer service and want to do whatever it takes to make this entire experience seamless and enjoyable for you.


Years of Negotiation Experience

An essential component of all real estate transactions boils down to the negotiations stage. A professional realtor knows that purchasing and selling a home is more than a financial decision, it’s often an emotional one. It’s in your best interest to have an experienced realtor with sharp negotiation skills handle this step to mitigate any emotional connections that could potentially spoil a deal. Realtors will maximize value and ensure you’re getting the fairest deal. An effective negotiator uses comparable sales and trends to create the best offer or counteroffer while offering counsel and advice to their client.


In-Depth Insight Into the Local Market

It is our full-time job to keep our finger on the market’s pulse. Our team knows the neighborhoods inside and out. We have deep community roots and local connections and know about the amenities and the region’s diverse waterways. 


An added advantage of working with a member of the Tower Team is benefiting from our connections to colleagues, and we often get access to off-market listings and insider intel you can’t get elsewhere. The bottom line is: We are equipped to find your dream home and the perfect home  by narrowing your search by specific criteria within the areas you’re most interested in living.


Exceptional Follow-Through

We take your trust in us seriously and that means we will always go above and beyond to maintain that trust and ensure you get an exceptional experience. Even when the deal is all said and done, our realtors will continue following up with you to ensure that everything goes according to plan. We not only monitor and protect your interests, but we will keep you apprised of any developments and help you understand what to expect at every step of the transaction.


Unparalleled Access to The Best Resources

Our team is exceptionally well-connected to the local community, meaning we have access to the best resources and experts. Whether you need a lender, title company, contractor, painter, inspector, or landscaper, we have the contacts and would be happy to act as a liaison for you. Combined with our extensive market knowledge, our connections are just another competitive advantage you’ll receive by hiring us to help you find the perfect home.


Communication Is Key

It might sound simple, but we start by listening to you. Your interests matter to us. When we say that we’re in service to you, we genuinely mean that. Buying a home is a significant and personal decision distinct to you and your lifestyle. There is nothing more important than listening to our clients and guiding them in the right direction. Because all of our team members love what we do, we know how much it matters to create a comfortable and stress-free experience that begins and ends with strong communication. From contract to closing, The Tower Team keeps you up to date and ensures everything goes according to plan.

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Our knowledge of neighborhoods, schools and all market offerings will provide valuable guidance to you about how and where to live in this diverse area where hundreds of waterways create many lifestyle choices. Contact us today!


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